A little bit about me

Hello! I’m Rebecca

I’m a designer with one foot in the digital world, and one in the analog. My experience with fine art mediums gives me a creative and critical eye for graphic design aesthetics. I work to create elegant print and web solutions that communicate simply and effectively, but leave the viewer with a long lasting impression from a design that stands out from the masses.

My art and illustration is in turn influenced by my appreciation of graphic design; namely, a striving to explore the beauty in simplicity, and the elegant organization that occurs effortlessly in the natural world.

When I’m not creating, I love curling up with a good book, and taking long walks across the country.

My Skills
Logo Design & Brand Development
Print Design
Website Design
Presentations & PowerPoint
Video Editing
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Whether you’re trying to nail down the visual impact of your company’s brand, need a website design centered around getting leads and conversions, or have a big blank wall that needs some color, I can help! I love wearing many hats as a visual artist and am always continuing to learn and explore all aspects of the field.

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