90% Good Logo

This project involved the designing of a new logo and package design for the company ‘90% Good’, which made a soap stick used for shaving. 90% of the profits of this product went to charities benefitting single mothers.

I decided to primarily use typographic elements for the logo, drawing heavily on the shape of the number 90 to create a clean and elegant design. The packaging displayed the logo front and center, with a repetition of the number 90 to add visual interest in the background, while maintaining the simplicity of the branding. A large amount of instructional and ingredient text was required to fit in a very compact space, but with the aid of visual icons and careful spacing, the back of the label is clear and easy to read and understand.

Customer : 90 Percent Good
Categories : Branding, Logo Design
Skills : Design, Typography, Brand Development, Conceptual Thinking, Communication